Christmas Magic Show

Bring your whole family to our big Christmas Magic Show starring David Seebach and Glen Gerard. Watch David make a tiger appear out of thin air. Be amazed by Glen Gerard’s sleight of hand. Tickets are $12 for ages 6 to 12 and $25 for everyone 13 and older. Children 5 and younger admitted free. Tickets

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Fool House

                Ring in the new year with party band fool House and DJ Dusty and the Blonde. Fool House is a cover band playing pop hits from the 90’s as well as various top 40s and other timeless classics.  Between the mullets, their laid back style, choreographed dance moves,

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Topper is a national circuit touring/recording band from Atlanta, GA, in business for over 30 years. They can cover virtually any style of popular music true to form vocally and instrumentally. Topper’s original music is hard-driving, guitar-oriented rock, featuring the five octave range of singer Pete George. They can also write songs in any genre

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Time Machine

Time Machine is a high-energy “Tribute” project like you’ve never seen before. They play four sets per night, each set a different genre of music. It’s basically four tribute bands in one night! Their show consists of danceable “Classic/Current Country” (Whiskey River),  ‘70s Pop/Funk/and Disco” (Night Fever),  ‘80s Pop” (Pop Starz)  and music from the

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Polka Party with Spotlight Polka Band

Polka the day away with the Spotlight Polka Band. Admission is free. Get everyone on the dance floor with SPOTLIGHT POLKA BAND! One of the hottest bands in the area, SPOTLIGHT POLKA BAND generates energy and excitement everywhere they perform! The band features Scott Koehn on MIDI accordion/vocals, Pam Koehn on vocals, percussion and promotion, with Frank Baroka

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Queensrÿche in concert at St. Croix Casino Turtle Lake on Friday, January 29. Also appearing are Meytal and Halcyon Way. Showtime is 7:30 p.m. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $25 and are available online at or in person at the TLC Players Club booth at the casino. Show is for 21+.

Ponzi Scheme

Of course you can “Trust Us.”   Sign right here:  X ______________________________________ By signing above, I confirm that I owe Ponzi Scheme The Band $2,000,000 ​ Seriously — Listen up! You can trust Ponzi Scheme The Band to deliver on its promises of full-​fledged entertainment and fun. Ponzi Scheme plays cover music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80 ‘s — original and current selections.

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Rock Godz

A RockGodz performance takes the audience on an over-the-top, wildly fun trip through the best eras of rock and pop music. Their ’80s-focused production (combined with classic and current rock) is delivered by spot-on character portrayals of some of rock’s greatest legends. At any given RockGodz show, you might see impersonations of Slash, Peter Criss,

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