Allstar Comedy Revue | Turtle Lake

Allstar Comedy Revue

Don’t miss this all-star night of comedy courtesy of four all-star comics. Headliner Chris Shaw is joined by Frank Roche, Courtney Baka and Bob Larson for an evening of side-splitting comedy. Best of all the show is free.


Unusual? Always. Predictable? Never. Hilarious? Definitely!

Comedian Chris Shaw comes to town bringing his bouncy, cleverly physical style, and shows how this national headliner has become a crowd favorite! While placing his faith in observation, agility and wit, Shaw draws his audiences in through bizarre metaphors and hilarious facial expressions, bringing the crowd along for the ride…only to send them into unsuspecting comedy waters.

Catch this frequent cable performer for a side-splitting evening of funny business.

Frank Roche from Detroit is one of the most high-energy acts on the comedy circuit today. Fusing rapid-fire antics with dead-on celebrity impressions keeps the audience laughing. He has performed at some of the best comedy clubs and venues throughout the country. From LA to New York, Toronto to the Florida Keys. You won’t want to miss Roche’s show!

Courtney Baka is a Minneapolis-based comedian that walks the line between sincerity and silliness. With her dry wit and unique perspective she attacks real life situations with a creative spin. Covering such topics as the merits of dying alone, drug induced education and refusing to grow up, she finds humor in the less than pleasant aspects of the human experience. She has studied at Huge Theater in Minneapolis and The Second City In Chicago and is currently a contributor for The Hard Times.

Born in Duluth, Minnesota, Bob has been headlining comedy clubs across the country since 1986. Born with a sense of humor, it was only a matter of time before the thought of show business entered his mind – about 32 years.

In the meantime, Bob had a varied work experience. He definitely had a blue-collar background. He worked hard for his money and his work ethic shows in his comic performances. He worked his way through college as a lumberjack, and a stock-boy. After college, he was a millwright mechanic for 8 years at a coal dock on Lake Superior. He also was a bartender, exterminator, security guard at a ski lodge, heavy equipment mechanic, owner of his own card shop (where he designed and produced the inventory), worked in concrete and masonry construction and was part-owner of the Minnesota Comedy Club in Maplewood, Minnesota.

Larson’s 6′ 2″ frame eventually found him competing for toughman titles in the U.S. and Canada. He made international finals twice! Bob devoted 16 years of his life to the practice of Wing Chun Kung Fu. 12 of these years he taught this martial art. He traveled to the China towns of Toronto and New York; also to Japan and Hong Kong to fight their champions in their underground arenas. At one time, Bob was rated 6th in the world!

With his varied work experience and his passion for the martial arts, challenges and confrontations are welcome in Bob’s world. That’s why, with his years of experience in comedy and his gift of wit, the ability to think quick on his feet, and a great sense of humor, Hecklefest™ and Bob go hand in hand.