Vegas Poker Showdown | Turtle Lake

Vegas Poker Showdown


Poker players, accumulate points playing in Thursday and Saturday tournaments. The top 20 players will be announced and will come back to play on May 14. They will receive 100 chips for every point accumulated. The winner will receive a Vegas package and a seat in a satellite tournament for the World Series of Poker.

Special Mystery Tournament on March 11 and Celebrity Tournament on April 6.

Thursday tournaments start at 6pm. Entry fee is $60. Saturday tournaments at noon. Entry fee is $75.

Dave L- 61pts

Chris S- 60pts

Jim C- 51pts

Kevin G-39pts

Mike H-39pts

Justyn H- 32pts

Pat B- 29pts

Dave B- 28pts

Jason P-26pts

Dave L- 24pts

Dale P- 24pts

Bryan C- 22pts

Kevin C- 21pts

Joe B- 19pts

Kevin D- 19pts

Wayne S- 19pts

Josiah S- 19pts

Jerry J- 18pts

Dan B- 17pts

Gary S- 17pts


For more information, contact the Poker Room at 1-800-846-8946, ext. 3024.