Classic Rock Revisited | Turtle Lake

Classic Rock Revisited

Zed Leppelin’s tribute to Led Zeppelin and Spindrift’s tribute to Rush. Free admission.

Zed-Leppelin has restored the thunder to the Hammer of the Gods. This nationally renowned Led Zeppelin Tribute is continuing its quest to spread the word that Led Zeppelin is the most powerful and influential rock band to ever grace the earth. You will be exposed to all the sights, sounds, and pageantry of a Led Zeppelin show from yesteryear. Acrylic amber drums, double-neck guitars, thick fluid bass lines, and powerful wailing vocals are just the tip of the iceberg. Zed-Leppelin takes everyone’s favorite Led Zeppelin classic song and reproduces it to perfection.

Spindrift- The Tribute to Rush has made a name for themselves internationally as one of the most authentic Rush Tribute bands in decades. Precision execution and an attention to detail (Right down to the details of the Neil Peart drum kit) sets this band apart from the others. Covering a wide range of 40 years of the hits and classic Rush tracks from Canadian power trio, Spindrift captivates audiences everywhere.

Together, these two bands give you a Classic Rock Revisited night that you’ll never forget.